Project Manager Expert Pack (EC111956)

Project Manager Expert Pack

Become a project management expert with this three course training and certification bundle. Specifically designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of project management techniques, this pack contains:

  • The complete Project Management Professional (PMP) course.
  • The PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Package and Foundation certification exam credit.
  • The IASSC Accredited Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course and certification exam credit.

This pack is best suited to:

  • Project managers who need to improve their skills, or to obtain industry-recognised proof of their abilities.
  • Managers who want to add project management skills to their resumé.
  • Project management consultants who need to prove their abilities to clients.
  • Professionals looking to move into project management.
  • Individuals who want to learn a range of project management techniques for maximum flexibility when executing a project.

Using a blend of instructor led videos, multimedia presentations and self-study resources, each course can be accessed anyplace anytime, to fit around the student’s workload and social life. Quizzes and exam simulators help participants identify whether they are fully ready to sit the final PRINCE2®/Yellow Belt exams and earn their qualification.

Key learning points

Study begins with the PMP course modules which will introduce learners to the PMI Project Management Professional qualification and the knowledge required to pass the certification exam. Over the course of 26 modules students will learn a number of valuable techniques including:

  • How to build the plans and processes required to plan every stage, milestone and deliverable of the project lifecycle.
  • How to build a project team capable of delivering according to stakeholder expectations and agreements.
  • Identifying, quantifying and mitigating project risks to ensure positive project outcomes.
  • Building quality assurance into the project lifecycle to ensure all deliverables meet pre-agreed standards and stakeholder expectations.
  • Accurately estimating and budgeting for time, finances and human resources required for each project stage.
  • Controlling project costs to ensure delivery on, or under, the agreed financial limits.
  • Implementing procurement structures to ensure resources and materials are available when required.

Upon completion, students should be fully prepared to sit and pass their PMP qualification.

The next bundled course takes learners through both Foundation and Practitioner levels of the PRINCE2® project management framework. Initially focusing on Foundation concepts, the course modules on:

  • Mastering the 7 Principles, Themes and Processes that make up the PRINCE2® framework.
  • The Start Up (SU) process and associated activities that need to be started and completed to initiate a project.
  • Using the Initiating a Project (IP) process to capture the information needed to govern the rest of the project.
  • Controlling a Stage (CS) to help manage each stage of the project and the transitions between them.
  • Managing Product Delivery (MP) that helps to ensure deliverables are completed on time to the standards agreed with customers/stakeholders.
  • Directing a Project (DP) underpins the seven PRINCE2® principles by ensuring that responsibilities are properly delegated and assessments are completed accurately and on time.
  • Managing a Stage Boundary (SB) to produce progress reports, obtain sign off and create a lessons report to inform future stages and projects.
  • Closing a Project (CP) during which final sign-off is sought from the previously identified stakeholders, an end project report is written and the benefits of the project are properly reviewed to determine value.

Having mastered the seven PRINCE2® Foundation principles, course focus then shifts to the seven themes associated with the Practitioner methodology:

  • The Organisation theme that helps define roles and responsibilities for the project board and appoints the project management team.
  • The Business Case theme that clarifies expected outputs, outcomes and expected benefits, and how they will each be achieved.
  • The Risk theme which seeks to identify and manage risks that could affect project success or timescales.
  • The Plans theme which defines projects stages, scheduling, resources and financing to ensure everything is in place to allow the project to keep moving forwards.
  • The Quality theme which is used to define customer expectations of quality and how those standards will be met.
  • The Change theme that is used to control issues and changes during the project and to prevent scope creep or unplanned changes.
  • The Progress theme that helps ensure the project continues moving forward through each stage to final delivery and sign off.

Upon completion of this training, students will be more than ready to sit and pass the bundled PRINCE2® Foundation qualification.

The final course in this bundle takes students through a basic introduction to the Lean Six Sigma process improvement framework. This course introduces learners to the DMAIC phases:

  • The Define phase during which projects are chosen, elements of waste are identified and wrap up and action items are defined.
  • The Measure phase which shows students how to discover and measures systems and processes before applying Six Sigma statistics to each.
  • The Control phase which is used to keep improvement projects on track through lean, defect, statistical process and Six Sigma controls.
  • The various roles in a Six Sigma project and where the delegate fits into that framework.
  • How to use common tools to perform basic improvements.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be ready to sit the bundled Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam. Students will also receive a copy of the complete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt manual for reference as they work on projects in the future.

Advantages of this course

The Project Manager Expert Pack introduces students to three of the world’s most popular project and process management techniques, and provides the opportunity to earn industry-recognised qualifications in each. Among the benefits realised by individuals completing the bundled courses are:

  • Foundational and advanced understanding of both PRINCE2® and PMP methodologies, readying them for the associated exams.
  • The ability to lead and deliver a successful project that is managed using PMP or PRINCE2® themes and principles.
  • Improved performance of PMP and PRINCE2® project management teams.
  • A working knowledge of applying efficiency planning and analysis to any process or situation.
  • How to apply Six Sigma processes to create immediate business improvements.
  • Improved on-the-job performance helping students become valuable members of the Six Sigma project team.
  • Vastly improved employment options as candidates are able to offer extremely valuable knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • The knowledge and experience required to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation and Six Sigma Yellow Belt exams.

The Project Manager Expert Pack is a cost-effective way for individuals to master several project and process-related frameworks and disciplines, giving them a vast store of knowledge from which to work. This unique bundle will help project managers stand out from the crowd, aided by three industry-recognised qualifications.

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